Teaching Learning And Evaluation

2.1.1 Average Enrolment Percentage
2.1.2 Seats filled against SC/ST/OBC/Divyangjan
2.2.1 Slow Learners And Advance Learners
2.2.2 Student - Full time Teacher ratio
2.3.1 Student centric methods such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies
2.3.2 ICT tools
2.3.3 Mentor-Mentee
2.4.1 Average percentage of full time teachers
2.4.2 Average percentage of full time teachers with Ph. D
2.4.3 Average teaching experience of full time teachers
2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment is transparent
2.5.2 Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances
2.6.1 Teachers and students are aware of the stated PO and Cos
2.6.3 Average Pass Percentage of students
2.7.1 2.7.1-Student-Satisfaction-Data